12 Last Minute Christmas Presents to Buy the Girl Geek in your Life

Haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet? Don’t panic! We’ve selected 12 gorgeous geeky gifts to get you started…


Choc motherboard

A computer circuit board that you can eat. Surely that beats a Chocolate Orange? Etsy, £18.15 >>


Polaroid meets Generation Z with this instant photo printer that connects to your smart phone. Argos, £119.99 >>


It’s a laptop stand that looks like cats. Tick AND tick! Etsy, £30.85 >>


90s memorabilia worn on your lapel, courtesy of our friends at Pin Head. Etsy, £5 >>


Vintage gaming, meets Christmas, meets awesome! Check out this PacMan tee made by our friends at The Nerdy Gift Company, £14 >>

Galaxy Book

Reach for the stars with this inspirational book of female space pioneers! Hive, £11.99 >>


Taken from Rachel Ignotofsky’s book, ‘Women in Science, fearless pioneers who changed the world’, this beautiful print of Ada Lovelace is sure to be an inspirational gift. Etsy, £13.13 >>


Power-up any room with this retro Super Mario Bros Question Block Light! The perfect gift for any gaming goddess. Truffle Shiffle, £29.99 >>


Circuit board chic! Here’s the perfect ring for a geek. Etsy, £16.99 >>


Take yourself back to your PS1 days with these adorable Funko-Pop figures. Forbidden Planet, £9.99 >>


Who wouldn’t want a 3D printed selfie you can eat?! Find Magic Candy Factory at John Lewis stores throughout the UK. We had a go, see for yourself >>


Learn to code, watch videos and game – all on this tiny computer! The Pi Hut, £55 >>

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