Why AI is SUPER-DUPER SCARY, but also cool

The dictionary defines artificial intelligence as:

The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

I recently watched a video by BoyInABand all about AI. I left the video feeling super inspired and wanted to do further research into the topic. So now I want to write about why I think AI is SUPER-DUPER SCARY, but also cool.

What IS AI?

First of all, there is more than one type of AI, there are 3 types. ANI, AGI and ASI:

ANI stands for Artificial Narrow Intelligence, it is also referred to as Weak AI. This type of AI is designed and programmed to do one thing, but that’s it.

AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence, also known as Human-Level AI. Basically, this AI is just like a human. It’s just like you! However, although we have created ANI we are yet to create AGI, because it’s really hard and takes ages.

ASI stands for Artificial SUPERintelligence. ASI is much, much, MUCH smarter than we mere human beings. In every way possible, because of it’s intelligence many people discuss ASI in a doomsday scenario kind of way, however it’s benefits could drastically alter our lives…hopefully for the better.

Why AI is FREAKING Awesome!

Many of the jobs we don’t want to do, AI will. This can be literally anything, which is great. It means we are freed up to do the things that we really want to do. AI’s could potentially carry out very time-consuming, painstaking jobs or even highly dangerous ones, that would put humans at risk. This could lead to most humans being self-employed offering unique, individual services. Instead of 100-1000 people sitting in an office or a factory doing the same routine thing.

AI’s/Robots could also be sent into disaster zones after wars, places in need of help with high risk of aid workers catching a deadly disease, or to help deal with the consequences of natural disasters.

In addition, these AI’s will be able to do all our jobs just as well as we can, but better. They won’t have to take time off, they won’t get tired or lazy like we do. They will consistently produce high quality products (as well as a human could).

AI in healthcare

AI in Healthcare is big. Artificial Intelligence will be able to cope with extreme amounts of data and information, allowing healthcare professionals to keep up with all the medical discoveries and treat patients right. Actually, AI can simulate brain functions which can help doctors diagnose neurological disorders.robotic-pet

Robotic pets can aid people suffering with depression although may make much less demands than a real pet, and robotic radio surgery can achieve incredible amounts of accuracy with less damage.

Also, the chances of error are much lower. While not eradicated completely, AI’s will be able to effectively learn from human error and advance at a fantastically fast speed.

Why AI is Super Scary…

Okay ladies and gents, time to get your tinfoil hats on.

Not having to do rubbish jobs is pretty cool right? Well, eventually, this could lead to extreme unemployment and poverty. If robots can do everything better, longer and cheaper, why employ a human?

If humans began to heavily depend on AI, we may stop effectively problem solving on our own or multi-tasking. Eventually, we may not posses these skills at all and become overly dependent on machines for survival.

Okay time for worst case scenario. What if the power of an ASI, fell into the wrong hands? Someone might decide they want to destroy the local supermarket, someone else might decide to destroy the WORLD!

But, what do we actually want to achieve with ASI, what do we want to change or ‘fix’? We could hold votes, but there will always be people disagreeing, always people unhappy (recent Brexit referendum a case in point here). And if these votes were close, would it be okay to change it if it will have such a drastic impact on our lives?

Well, if we’re going to start questioning morals. Is it morally right to give intelligence to a machine? Make it do the things we are too lazy to do? You could argue intelligence is our gift (whether from a higher being or not), so would it be right to try to recreate it?

C3P0 droid

This is an issue which many Sci-Fi books and films have tackled. In many Sci-Fi films we see AI’s supplant humans. Take over and turn us all in to SLAVES! OH THE HORROR! ASI’s would be much smarter than us, really, they would know us better than we know ourselves, making it easy-breezy to enslave all of humanity.

So what?

So we’ve had a look at the pro’s and cons of Artificial Intelligence, and even learnt about the different types of Artificial Intelligence. We don’t realise it, but we come into contact with AI every day. Whether it be asking Siri what zero divided by zero is, or playing against computer generated opponents on video games. It’s really easy to get scared watching all these sci-fi movies (and I think it was YouTube Explained that said this), it’s actually reassuring in a way because shows that humanity has a conscience of what we could do. Which is a good thing, because we are aware of all the things that could go wrong.

It might look all doom and gloom, but there are hundreds of ways AI can improve our lives in the future. If it even happens, because there’s no way of accurately predicting the future.

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Written by Carla Owens, teen blogger at LGG