Welcome to our new Girl Geek!

We have some exciting news to share with you! Our network is growing rapidly and loads of cool stuff is coming up. We’ll be delivering the Girl Geek Academy from September for girls aged between 11 and 16 (sponsored by Co-op Digital), and we’ve got many more projects in the pipeline working with adults and young geeks alike. All of our upcoming projects have been designed to help further our mission; to get more females inspired and involved the tech sector, and it already looks like 2017 will be a busy year.Jo Morfee headshot

So to help us deliver all of this extra work, we’ve appointed a new Director. This month Jo Morfee will join us bringing over ten years of experience in the digital realm to the business in the form of content marketing, digital strategy and project management.

A little bit about Jo…

Jo started her digital journey in the public sector working for a Government backed home ownership initiative. After leading on the transformation of their application system from an offline paper based system to an online system and changing many of the back office processes, Jo left to take up a role with a digital agency in Chester as a senior account manager.

From here Jo went to work at Liverpool University for three years, helping to consolidate their content portfolio and crafting a digital strategy for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, along with learning how to code! Most recently Jo has been working at Liverpool Vision as their Digital Content Manager.African Drum

In her spare time she has facilitated women’s drumming circles in Liverpool and played in a percussion band, which has led to her to believe in the magic that can be created when a group of like minded people get together.

What makes her tick?

Jo is passionate about increasing the numbers of women in tech and can’t wait to get stuck in! She has been blogging and storytelling for us for around six months now as well as helping behind the scenes. So she has really got to grips with some of the issues facing women in tech in Liverpool as a result. She says:

“I’ve been working for over a decade within the digital sector in the city and I’ve always been acutely aware of the gender imbalance, particularly in more ‘techie’ jobs which involve coding or programming. This is something I’d like to help change and I believe that to do this we need to shout about positive female role models, develop confidence and teach tech skills.

I hear many stories of women being put off a digital or tech career at an early age by bad advice, or by their peers. We’re lucky to have initiatives like Liverpool Girl Geeks to help promote the opportunities that are out there in the ‘non-traditional’ sense. As a woman in tech I’ve also really valued the network, it creates a space where I can go and meet other like-minded people and be inspired.

So I’m thrilled to be offered this position and I can’t wait to get started and make a difference to both individuals and the digital community at large. I’ve seen the impact that Liverpool Girl Geeks initiatives make on people’s lives first hand and its brilliant to be able to contribute to something that makes a real difference. Bring it on!”

What will she be doing at LGG?

As a Director Jo will be involved in shaping the business and inputting on decision making. She will be working on developing the relationships we have with local educational providers and networks, alongside delivering projects. She will also be in charge of creating content strategy for us, producing content and managing digital marketing activities.

Meet our team

We hope you will join us in welcoming Jo. You can say hi to Jo and the rest of our team at our next women in tech meet up at Muster Coffee on 5th September and the first Monday of the month thereafter.

See you there!