Thanks to a couple of online personality tests (hello Myers-Briggs), I’ve been told that I’m the type of person who is striving for “continuous improvement”. It makes sense to me as I really do love learning (I think this was the opening line on my UCAS application – cringe) and I’m always signed up to an online course (or 10). Whether it’s nutrition, fairy tales or digital leadership, it’s always worth picking up an extra skill or two, in my view.

So, I’ve decided to share some great learning resources with my fellow Girl Geeks to help us up-skill together.

It’s really valuable to keep learning about the things we’re passionate about. Whether you are studying something within the sector you work in, or even the sectors you want to work in – picking up new skills is useful if you’re looking to boost your CV or make yourself more employable. Or even if you just want to study something for fun! Adding another string to your bow (professionally) or immersing yourself in a subject you’re interested in (personally) shows you’re a ‘well-rounded’ and curious person – which, of course, all Girl Geeks are!

One of the best sites I’ve found is FutureLearn. FutureLearn is run by The Open University in partnership with 99 organisations around the world, including national and international universities, and has hundreds of online courses running at a time.

As well as the wealth of online learning opportunities there are also some great courses going on at local Universities at the moment.

To give you an idea of the huge range of subjects available, I’ve picked out 10 great courses I think Girl Geeks might like, all starting in the next few months.

1. The Internet of Things

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things these days, but what is it, and what are the possibilities?

This course from King’s College London is a great introduction to the Internet of Things from one of the world’s leading universities. “Being equipped with the fundamentals and practicalities taught here makes you an insider into this quickly growing industry, and is of great value to potential employers.”

Learn from some of the most experienced experts in the field and become an “IoT wizard” in just four weeks.

Cost: Free
Online / Offline: Online

2. eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology and Health

eHealth is taking off in a massive way and this course from The University of Twente in the Netherlands is a great introduction for anyone who wants to know about eHealth and its possibilities.

What I like about this course is that it provides insights from a range of perspectives including eHealth developers, patients, healthcare professionals and healthy people who want to take care of their health.

Cost: Free
Online / Offline: Online

3. Introducing Robotics: Robotics and Society

This course is part of the Introducing Robotics series from Queensland University of Technology.

Robots are going to play an increasing role in our lives and this course is an introduction to how robots are being used to solve world challenges. This is about the theory of robots and the rest of the series moves learners on towards the practice of programming robots. Cool!

Cost: Free
Online / Offline: Online

4. Starting a Business 1: Vision and Opportunity

The clue is in the title! This course is actually just one part of a series about starting your own business from The University of Leeds.

The other five parts are: People and Networks, Customers and Competitors, Business Processes, Managing Finances and Funding Your Business.

Great for the budding entrepreneurs out there, or anyone who’s interested in what’s involved in starting up your own business.

Cost: Free
Online / Offline: Online

5. 3D Graphics for Web Developers

This is a course designed for existing web developers who want to learn more about creating 3D graphics.

You’ll learn to use WebGLStudio and Three.JS to create WebGL applications and weeks three, four and five are 100% programming based.

This course is from Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona – a cutting edge research institution developing online courses that focus on student-centred learning and innovation in the learning process.

Cost: Free
Online / Offline: Online

6. Astrophysics

LJMU are providing an Astrophysics course written and supported by professional astronomers at the Astrophysics Research Institute.

As part of the University’s Continuing Professional Development offering, there are six options for budding astrophysicists:

  • An Introduction to Astronomy (September)
  • Science with the LT (October)
  • Science of the Night Sky (November)
  • Planets of the Solar System (January)
  • Supernovae (April)
  • High Energy Astrophysics (June)

This is an online multimedia course taught through a combination of online course notes and video lectures and it’s suitable for people without any specific scientific or mathematical background – so there’s no excuse not to get stuck in!

Cost: Contact LJMU to confirm

Online / Offline: Online

7. Introduction to Electromagnetism: Let There Be Light

Another Continuing Professional Development course – this time from the University of Liverpool.

Attend the classes on Monday evenings and learn about the relationship between electricity and magnetism that is so central to our everyday lives.

Again, no prior knowledge of mathematics or physics is required.

Cost: Full Fee: £69 | Reduced: £55 | Concession: £35

Online / Offline: Offline

8. How to Succeed at: Interviews

Developed by the careers service at The University of Sheffield, this course will have you ready to succeed at interviews in just 3 weeks.

I really like that the course encourages you to prepare a portfolio of your work as you go along so that you’ll be ready for real life interviews – hurray!

This is part of a How to Succeed series which also includes How to Succeed at: Writing Applications.

Cost: Free
Online / Offline: Online

9. Facebook Blueprint

This is a great course for any digital marketers out there. With over 50 e-learning modules, take part in Facebook’s training and certification programme to help your business reach its goals.

Learn how to use Facebook advertising from Facebook itself, and sit the rigorous exams to put your knowledge to the test– all you need in a Facebook account.

Cost: Up to the equivalent of $150

Online / Offline: Online

10. Build a Brand

This is a great course from the Digital Business Academy and The University of Cambridge that will help you learn how to build a brand that’ll stand out.

Learn at your own pace with video tutorials, quizzes and online assignments and pick up rewards as you go.

Cost: Free

Online / Offline: Online

I’ll confess I’m currently signed up to more courses than I can hope to finish in the next two months. But it’s great to have the opportunity to learn almost anything right at our fingertips. Whether you dip your toe in something new, build on something you know a little about, or want to wow at interview with some additional knowledge, get learning today!

Which course will you sign up to?

Liverpool Girl Geeks run regular courses in Coding, for more information see our events page. Watch this space for more topics coming in 2017!

Written by Emma Riley.