It’s Time to Try Something New

Hi! I’m Amelia, I recently wrote a blog post for LGG about mental health week.

The New Year is here, isn’t it time to be adventurous and try something new?

I always forget to make new years resolutions, to try new things…

but this year I’ve got a few ideas!


Whether you want to be successful in the world of music or the world of cooking, you have to start by trying something new.

Sometimes trying new things is really scary and nerve wracking – and sometimes you have to embarrass yourself to get good at it.

I’ve already chosen a few new things to try out:

  • Learn the drums
  • master at least two tricks on a skateboard
  • get my hair cut differently

These are only small things, but all of them are new and challenging (what if I really hate that new haircut?!)


But being serious, over my 14 years on earth so far, I have tried many new things.

I’ve tried ballet, Irish dancing, street dancing (and lots of other dancing), drama, knitting, swimming, netball and quite a few other things.

And none of those exactly worked out for me, I’m certainly not a world famous ballet dancer and I’m not knitting those wooly hats for innocent smoothies yet either.

But that’s the most important part of trying new things!

You go into it not knowing where it’ll take you and sometimes it will take you no where, but who knows, in the future I might be headlining Warped tour (probably not seeing as its last show is next year) or I might be interviewing Tony Hawk, or maybe I’ll be at University studying medicine.


I don’t know where or what I’m going to be in the future, but I do know that wherever I get to I will have reached that destination by trying something new.

You know a lot about yourself, which means you know about a lot of things you wish you could do. So do them! Go crazy! Maybe one day you’ll be famous for it, you might even be inspiring others to do the same thing.


And if you need an idea, what about applying for the LGG Academy? The theme is gaming – maybe you’ll end up creating a world famous game one day?

Or maybe you’ll just have fun, meet new friends and learn about the tech industry!

– Amelia ;D