Dear Liverpool Girl Geeks community,

Over the last 5 years we’ve been on a mission to improve the gender balance within the tech sector and you have all helped us to achieve a lot during that period. From attending our monthly meet-ups, learning to code with us, helping to spread our messages online, or simply telling your friends about the work we’ve been doing; you’ve helped us grow from a volunteer-led community to a small social enterprise, which has helped lots of women find tech jobs and inspired over 250 teenage girls through our educational programmes. We are very grateful to you all for the support thus far.

A lot has changed since we started, in both the external environment and internally to our organisation. We’ve moved forward and global feminism has too, from the Women’s March to the gender pay gap reporting, to the #metoo campaign – it’s very clear that the gender equality agenda is progressing worldwide. But there is still so much to be done. There are women all over the world who still do not have access to basic education, are not able to work, are earning less than their male counterparts and struggle daily to be seen as equal.

We launched InnovateHer in November 2017 so that we could grow some of the work we’ve been doing locally with teens under the Liverpool Girl Geeks brand and create a bigger impact nationally. InnovateHer has gained so much traction and support, it has surpassed our expectations. It means that up to 2020 we’re now going to be working with over 500 girls across 27 schools, not just in Liverpool, but across the whole of the North West region. We have a national ambition for this brand too.

We’ve developed a new vision for InnovateHer which is simply to;‘get girls ready for industry and industry ready for girls’. We specialise in technical education for girls, but we also believe that we must get companies ready for them to work within. Through the membership, which was previously offered under Liverpool Girl Geeks, we’re able to work closely with companies to create change internally within their workplaces, ensuring that they are diverse and inclusive places to work within and helping them to recruit diverse talent

What does this mean?

This doesn’t mean that we’re going anywhere! Our meetups (which are now run in partnership with Agent Academy) are still going to happen in Liverpool on a monthly basis, our adult coding courses will still continue to run with support from NorthCoders (watch this space for more exciting news on that!) and our campaigning will only get stronger. Our existing members have all agreed to continue to support this exciting new phase too. All of this activity will simply now be conducted under the InnovateHer brand, managed by the same team of people it always has been.

What can you do to support?

You can continue to support us by following our InnovateHer social media pages if you haven’t already, and by signing up to our InnovateHer newsletter to keep updated. It’s important to note that whilst we will be retain an online presence for Liverpool Girl Geeks, new content will no longer be shared via our website or social media channels. So the best way to stay updated is to follow InnovateHer from now on.

This is a really important growth phase for all of us at InnovateHer and we hope that we can count on you, our wonderful community, to support us to take it to the next level.

We’ll be working with hundreds of girls in schools over the next year and we’re always seeking mentors, corporate partners and schools to help us. Get in touch if you think you’d like to get involved, or visit our website to find out more.

From all of us here at team InnovateHer, we thank you for reading this! We hope you can continue to help us in our mission to improve the gender balance in tech and provide more opportunities for all.

Chelsea Slater and Jo Morfee, Co-Founders of InnovateHer