I was so excited when the term ‘wearable tech’ took over the internet. Items that can monitor your sleep and tell you how fast you are running have become human nature to us, soon Google are going to be releasing contact lenses that monitor your tears, MONITOR YOUR TEARS – I sometimes have to take a step back when I think about how a sat nav works never mind this, this is just to much to take in, however I am about to embrace it. I now own my first piece of wearable technology – A fitness tracker, the Misfit Shine.

Much like the original Fitbit, the Misfit shine is an activity monitor which can be worn as a wristband, necklace or can be clipped onto any item of clothing from your helmet to your socks!


First off I tested the sleep monitor. I wore the misfit as a watch, because it is light and rubbery it’s absolutely fine to wear in bed and didn’t notice it after about 10 minutes. Whilst diving into the app (which you need to enable the data from the shine) I found that there are a number of sounds that help you relax and because I am a freak of nature, I chose to fall asleep under the peaceful influence of a thunderstorm :/ . After falling asleep almost immediately and waking a few times in the night as normal I noticed (and was extremely pissed off) that out of the whopping 10 hours, I had only 1 hour 41 minutes of ‘restful sleep’. Don’t get me wrong, I love how the misfit displayed all the information, it is simple and easy to view, however all day I was wondering if that was normal. I have tried this for 3 nights now and I have never got over 2 hours ‘restful’ sleep so I would like people’s views on this!



IMG_5989Secondly, and this is why I wanted the shine in the first place was to use it as a fitness tracker. Now this disappointed me somewhat. After setting my goal to the recommended average of 1000 points I resumed my daily routine of work and going to the gym. The shine told me I had over succeeded by 44% – great! however, it told me I had burned over 2000 calories which was definitely not true. It didn’t show me that I had ran, just that I had done more steps within a certain time, which isn’t what I wanted. There are a number of apps I can sync the shine with including map my fitness and runkeeper, so if I try using both apps then maybe I will get a different result.

Overall, what I do love about the misfit is that it looks great, its quite feminine, which most trackers aren’t and I love how it automatically syncs your sleep without you having to do a thing. For its price and it’s beautiful design the Shine does enough – oh it does tell you the time btw too with a double tap – but I was let down buy the inaccuracy in calories and activity results.

Misfit have just announced a brand new #SwarovskiShine to make our Shines even sexier (try and say that out loud – woah) – maybe this is their main focus for now, but I would love an app update with some better features for running – so if you could do that for me Misfit, that would be wonderful!

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