Liverpool Girl Geeks are pleased to announce the launch of our Girl Geek Academy to be held at FACT in Liverpool and sponsored by Co-op.

Taught by Girl Geek Dolly Williams the techy teens engaging in the sessions will get to grips with code in the most practical sense.

Girls aged 11-16 will take part in 8 weeks worth of sessions with a project based coding focus, developing their very own websites. By week seven the girls that engage with the programme will have a functioning site, which will be launched to the public – for them to vote on their favourite. There will be an amazing prize for the winning girl.


The Academy will be housed at FACT on Wood Street, which will enable the girls to make the most of their unrivalled facilities. It will address ‘hot topics’ in tech such as robotics and physical coding, as well as sessions on confidence building that will ultimately help the girls to build their own peer networks of support and flourish. Rebecca Jones, co-founder of Liverpool Girl Geeks said; “From our work with girls and women of all ages over the last 3 years we have come to see a pattern. Women are constantly saying “gosh, if only you were around when I was younger!” So we want to bring every opportunity we can to as many young women as possible. We are relentless in our mission and can’t wait to meet the next wave of inspired girls from the Academy.”

Liverpool Girl Geeks are particularly proud to announce the partnership with Co-op, who are making a return to their roots in championing a better way of doing business for individuals and their communities. Chelsea Slater, co-founder of Liverpool Girl Geeks and Managing Director said; “Liverpool Girl Geeks are all about collaboration and partnerships and we have been extremely fortunate already that so many people in ‘big business’ see the value of what we are trying to achieve. We are so proud to have made this national connection to effect regional change in Liverpool. In collaboration with Co-op we are making tangible progress in the community by inspiring our young girls and we couldn’t be prouder of our Girl Geek Academy.”

To apply to be part of the Girl Geek Academy visit our events section. You need to be between the age of 11-16 and have parental consent.

Sessions will take place at FACT in Liverpool every Tuesday, from September 27th, 6:30pm-8:30pm.