Our Games Design Academy for teens started this week, so we thought it was about time to profile some of the incredible women from the gaming sector. Prepare to be inspired…

Meet Rebecca Boardman, a Senior Test Analyst at Reading Room. Rebecca has volunteered with us as a STEM ambassador during our maker academy and she will be the Lead Tutor on our Games Design Academy. Rebecca loves gaming and technology. We have previously featured Rebecca on our blog as one of our Leading Ladies.

Meet Amy Hennig, a video game director and script writer. Amy began her career in gaming for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with her design debut on the game Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. Hennig believes that the creative direction of a script is the most important aspect of any game.

Meet Roberta Williams, a video games designer and co-founder of Sierra On-Line. Roberta’s most notable works include Mystery House and the King’s Quest series.

Meet Josie Brechner a composer for games. They composed the music for now available on NintendoSwitch! Find out more about their work.


Meet Carol Shaw, the world’s first female video games developer, who started her career at Atari in 1978. Watch her incredible journey on this heartwarming short video >>


Meet Siobhan Reddy, Games Maker and Studio Director at Media Molecule, the video games development studio that brought you Little Big Planet.

Meet Rhianna Pratchett, a British video game writer, narrative designer and journalist, who has worked on notable titles such as Tomb Raider, Heavenly Sword, Overload and Mirror’s Edge. Rhianna calls herself a ‘narrative paramedic’ and is often drafted in to fix broken storylines to make the game flow better. Rhianna is also the daughter of Terry Pratchett, so that’s pretty cool! You can listen to an interview with her on BBC Women’s Hour.