Where are the graduates from our coding courses now?

In case you didn’t know, its national coding week! We’ll be tweeting coding stories all week with #WhatCodersLookLike – share yours with the hashtag. To kick-off the week we caught up with five of our past coding course attendees to see what they did next. They have all changed their future career paths since attending Girl Geek courses, gained confidence and done incredible things. We couldn’t be more proud!

Here are their stories:


Victoria Ledsom, JavaScript course attendee, January 2016.

Current role: Junior Software engineer at Compare the Market

“I just wanted to let you know that I got my first job as a Junior Software Engineer! I work for Compare the Market on their Javascript team and I couldn’t be happier, I’ve been there two weeks and it really is amazing! I’m now paid to do something I love, it feels pretty crazy. I just thought I’d share my news as it all started at your course in January last year, Alex helped me realise that it was something I could do too, so after the event I started looking into ways to learn more. Thanks for putting these events on, they really are amazing and I’m really inspired by you!”

Jenny Mugridge, Get Your Head Around Code course attendee, March 2016.

Current role: Junior Copywriter at Uniform

“My first encounter with Liverpool Girl Geeks was through their ‘Get Your Head Around Code’ course, which gave me the confidence to take on their longer 6 week Javascript Coding course. The latter was challenging, interesting, and while I didn’t discover a hidden talent for coding I did make friends, connections, and eventually find a job for myself at one of their partners offices!

Thanks to Liverpool Girl Geeks I found confidence in being a female geek, not just in comparison to male geeks but within the wide range of incredible women I’ve met ever since. I even managed to find my dream job through their solid advice and connections with local businesses.”

Grace Snow, Javascript course attendee, March 2016.

Current role: Software developer, Angel Solutions

“One week after the course I was able to accurately fix a Javascript bug in one of our online software products without any help. Result! Thanks to Alex for sharing your expertise.”

Kimberley Billingsley, Get Your Head Around Code course attendee, December 2016 and Javascript course, January 2017.

Genetic Researcher working with bioinformatics and big data

“I have moved to Washington DC now with my PhD and I’m working at a government research centre (NIH) doing genetic research, working with bioinformatics using big data. So I’m learning a lot more coding! The course was a great and gave me lots of confidence to progress!”

Charlotte Bowers, Academy Mentor, Spring 2017.

Apprentice software engineer, Shop Direct

“The first time I heard about Liverpool Girl Geeks was through an event, I met Jo and Chelsea at one of their workshops and realised that I wanted to get involved with this as much as I possibly could. Thanks to them I’ve gained so much experience, met some incredible people and also picked up some skills along the way. I wasn’t happy in my previous role and thanks to them I’m now on my way to be a software engineer at Shop Direct through a degree apprenticeship programme. They made me aware of the opportunity and encouraged me to go for it. Thanks for everything girls!”

If you too would like to start your coding journey, look out for our future courses here.

Written by Jo Morfee