Have you been encouraged by a colleague, friend or family member to learn to code? But are you unsure as to why exactly you should learn to code?

We spoke to local Drupal Developer, Paul Canning at Reading Room, about why YOU should learn to code. Paul delves into the many benefits of learning to code and shares his 5 reasons why learning to code is key.

Prepare to be inspired ;

1. Because, why not?

Everyone needs a hobby, right?! Learning to code and developing the ability to create your own code masterpieces is a great hobby for anyone who has creative ideas, an interest in how things work and some free time.

So if those running shoes are still under the stairs and the golf clubs are still in the garage, why not take up coding? You can stay in the comfort of your own home and all you need is a computer, what more could you ask for.

2. A world of possibilities

Whether its for a career change, career advancement, personal development and growth, or a desire to improve your digital literacy, understanding how software works and having the ability to contribute to creating new software means there is no limit to the impact you can have in the world of programming.

People build apps for family weddings, apps and games have been coded and presented as gifts for birthdays or to pop “the big question”, and people have gotten significant salary increases by taking on responsibility for their company’s web or mobile presence.

You have the ability to make the world a better place and solve problems for others. What could be better than that?

3. Brain food

Like problem-solving? Or wish you were better at it? Coding is all about logical thought and developing an understanding for how things are ordered. Step 1 must happen before step 2.

Even if you are absent-minded or just not very good with numbers, don’t fret. Coding is a great way to improve these skills along with improving logical thinking, attention to detail, patience, communication and memory.

4. Teamwork

Whilst coding itself is not a team sport, you will inevitably work in a team of developers on various projects. Whether you’re interacting with line managers, subordinates, or outside stakeholders, good people skills are essential for thriving in any environment. Those same skills can also help in your personal life by teaching you how to get along better with friends and family.

5. Stop consuming, start creating

Fed up with Facebook? Tired of Twitter? If you have ever felt that you were at the mercy of the websites on the Internet or the software on your computer, then learning to code is one way to rid yourself of that negative perception. Not only does knowing how to code mean that you are able to solve your own problems and craft solutions to your standards and needs, but it also means that you now have the ability to craft solutions for other people. Knowing how to code makes you a stakeholder in the world of technology, instead of just a consumer.

Have you been inspired by Paul’s reasons to code, come along to our Coding Crash Course on Saturday 14th of April where we will demystify the internet and guide you through a crash course in coding.